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Month: October 2013

What Does It Take To Be A Writer?

That question was posed to me recently and I got to thinking about it…a lot.

The idea of being a writer is more than the simple task of putting a string of words together. And frankly, I think the question had more to do with the idea of what a person has to do to be a serious writer. So that is what I will attempt to write about today.

However, before I can do that, I must first dissect the issue of what the words “serious writer” means. Do you want to write stories to share with friends and family? Are you trying to write a book? Do you consider yourself the next literary genius to come down the pike? Do you want to get published? Do you want to sell a million books? What does being a serious writer entail?

If you can answer those questions then maybe my simple explanation will help.

Being a serious writer means work. You have to work at the craft. It’s learning the difference between “part time” and “spare time.” It is a rare person that has the luxury of writing on a fulltime basis. If you do, then consider yourself to fortunate. However, if you are like the majority of us, we have to write in addition to everything else that might be required.

Most people who want to write and fail, do so because they allow life to get in the way of their success. They start a story and then, as time goes forward, a spouse or child will ask you to do something that they believe is more important than what you are doing. They don’t—can’t—understand the passion for the written word that is boiling inside you. They consider it a hobby to be tolerated, not something to take serious. It’s up to you to NEVER accept their idea of what’s important. Learn to say no or not now.

Most important (drum roll please) sit down and write every day. Make it a habit. Accept nothing less than “X” number of words every day that you write. (For me it’s 500 words.) If you do that, you will accomplish more than you could possibly imagine. Give it try. Try it for one month—30 days. You will be amazed.

I wish you nothing but the best success. And if you have any comments or suggestion, please let me know.


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Hurry Up and Wait

Time has a tendency of moving forward whether or not we are ready. I know this because, recently, I turned sixty and I’ll be damned if I have a clue where all that time went. It seems longer than a blink of an eye, but not by much.

Being an author is kind of like that. I’ve come to realize that writing—being an author—is one of those things that just happens to go by and you don’t really know where the time went.

I just realized that I have been writing consistently for over ten years. I have completed six novels and have no idea where the time went. Don’t get me wrong; the work has been out of love and passion. It takes me to places and times that I could never enjoy any other way. It affords me the ability to dream and laugh and even cry instead of living a mind-numbed existence, watching television.

However, with writing, as in life, there are pauses that need to be managed. Maybe you just finished your first novel. Maybe you are waiting to hear from a publisher or editor or even an agent. If that is the case, what do you do?

Frankly, I never had a problem with work. Whether it was my day job or developing my writing career. It didn’t matter. Give me a job and something to focus on and I’m a happy camper.

But when something is done and the job is over, you need to have something else to fall back on. Get ready for another story to be told. Pick up a book that will teach you how to overcome an obstacle. Never give yourself the excuse that you can afford to take a day off from doing what you are passionate about. Never allow yourself the luxury of believing that tomorrow is a better day to get started doing something new.

Today is your day to begin a new project. Today is your day to learn how to be a better writer. Today is the most important day of your life and nothing…I mean nothing…will stop you from being a better person, a more accomplished author (or whatever your goals might be) than the one you are now living.

Be that one person in a million that decides to do what is right for you.


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