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Month: April 2014

Leaving Obscurity to Become a Recognized Name, Part 1

Now that my forth book has been published, and modest sales to show for the effort, I’ve finally decided that it was time for me to get real and make the efforts necessary to get the word out…my mystery novels are great!

The following are some of the steps I have taken to get the word out and some of the challenges I’ve had to overcome my lack of “status” in the book-selling circles. Please don’t get me wrong, I’ve done nothing to deserve recognition. Remember, having four books published doesn’t count for anything when the people you are trying to impress deal with authors everyday. You’re just another author to them and not one they recognize.

So now that I’ve cut apart all respect and dignity, how about it if I get to what this article is all about: Leaving obscurity to become a recognized name. 

My path is not unlike most of you. I was/am good at my career. I’ve been involved in the financial services industry for over thirty-five years and focused on it well enough to make a pretty good living at it. When I started writing, I had no delusions of grandeur, thinking I would make a fortune from my first novel. I simply wanted to write great stories.

Now, I’m finding that being a great author isn’t enough. I now want to become a successful author. And to be that, I have to get people out there to buy and read my books.

I’m starting this as a blog. I will talk about what I’m doing and in time, I hope that you will also share what you are doing as well.

So let’s get started:

For me, since I didn’t know anybody, I had to start by doing a lot of self promoting and introductions. I had business cards made up with a P.O. Box address and made my introductions short. I didn’t try to sell my books at that time because most people are wary of the “pitch” and won’t be receptive. During this phase, it’s a numbers game. Get as many introduction as you can, wherever you can. Once they know you, even vaguely, they will be more receptive to you.

Like most authors, I started out by doing the occasional book signing. I didn’t know that only doing one here and there wouldn’t be enough.  But now I see things differently.

As such, I am attempting to set up my very first book tour this summer. It will still be a local tour (two counties in California) and will still be considered small time by those that are renowned in the book community, but for me, it’s a step up in the world. Hopefully, with the contacts I make during these events and the information I gather, I will grow and will share the information with you and hope you share with the rest of us as well.

To make this special, I am talking to newspaper columnists, TV stations and even have the ear of one of the local radio stations. This is an event that they are going to let the community know about and hopefully will draw enough attention to bring people who would not necessarily go to such a thing.

Please comment on your thoughts about my plans and share your own experiences. I will let you know how thing go during this process.



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Fighting the Good Fight

You’ve done it! You finished that novel you always wanted to write. You’ve edited and stroked and prodded and you finally got it published. You know it’s what everyone should be reading. You know that if people had any brains what-so-ever, they would be lining up to read it. That’s what you know.

Now the truth sets in. People don’t know you. People don’t know your work. And the great novel you slaved over for of the weeks and months is barely being being noticed.

Hey…I’ve been there. I have the same issues that everyone has that isn’t well known. But, I’m not here to help you market your book today. Maybe I will get to that in another issue. Today I want to talk about you…the writer. I want to talk about what you need to do to keep being a writer. I want to help you keep fighting the good fight.

Life get’s in the way. 

One of the biggest problems for writers is that “things” happen. Life happens and is cruel and constantly works under the premise of bad timing. Every day it seems that we are being bombarded by pressing needs. Family, work, health, all kinds of issues want to stop you from being what you are…a writer.

Solution: Do what you do best. If life throws you a problem…write about it. If the kids are being a pain…write about it. Take out your frustration on your keyboard and not someone else. It will help you in two ways: 1) It will help you keep your sanity without hurting others. 2) It will keep you focused on the habit of writing. Write every day. Write something and things will work out.

Writer’s Block.

You haven’t written in a month. You can’t seem to get the story to work out the way you know it should go. You’ve got writer’s block, you say.

I’ve got bad news for you my friend. There is no such thing as writer’s block. You are just lazy. Ideas come to us every day from everywhere. Maybe a story isn’t going the way you think it should, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to not write. You could write about something else. You could write about me for telling you that you are lazy and what a mean person I am.

Solution: Get on your butt and write something. (Notice that little play on words?) Write a sentence, a paragraph, about anything. Ideas are are like water. If you cup your hands in a stream and lift it out, some of it always gets away. However, if you want some more water, just stick your hands back into the stream.

There are always going to be perceived reasons for you to sit around and not write. If you want, contact me and I can give you a few reasons you may not have thought of. Instead, get your thoughts together and start with one word. Make it a good word and then surround that word with other, complementary words. You will feel better for it.

Now here comes the sales pitch:

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