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Month: October 2014

A Happy Moment

One of the happiest days of my life was a chance meeting with the widow of the literary author, John Steinbeck. He wrote The Grapes of Wrath (which translated in Japan as The Angry Raisins) and all about the Monterey California Peninsula, including Cannery Row, Tortilla Flat and finally, Travels with Charley, his king sized poodle, that he took with him on his travels to Baja, CA. Every year, the city of Salinas, CA., where he was born and raised, holds a festival in honor of his life as a man and author, and in honor of his birthday.

I attended the festival in 2004 and was blessed to meet his widow, Elaine, who had published a book titled John Steinbeck – A Life in Letters. In the book, there was a letter Mr. Steinbeck wrote to Jackie Kennedy after her husband, John, was killed in November, 1963. It was one of the most kind, tender and sincere letters I had ever read; so much so that I made a copy and put it over my desk.

Elaine was very friendly and outgoing and gladly autographed her book for me.

     I recommend going to the Steinbeck Festival every February. Many famous author make the trek there to rub elbows with other literary figures. That day was one of my happiest chance meetings and who knows, you might have one, too.

Rob Feller

Robert Feller is an author of poetry, short stories and memoirs. To get a better glimpse of his work, go to Amazon and check him out. His most recent work, Sounds of Safety and Love – A River, are just a click away.

Overcoming Resistance

I know it’s a strange title for a post, but I think it’s appropriate. Every day when I get up I’m struck with so many realities that sometimes I wonder how I will ever get any writing done. I have a real job, as I’m sure most of the authors here do. I am married and have a “honey-do” list a mile long that seems to grow daily. I am currently exercising so that I can get and stay in a better physical shape and health. And of course that is just the tip. There are always dozens of unforeseen must do’s and time traps that must be navigated and the list just keeps on coming. Even as I’m writing this post I’ve had two phone calls to distract me from doing what I like.

Writing on the other hand seems to fall into the “like-to-do” category. I’ve had reasonable success with my books. Everyone that has read them have given them very high ratings. I’m making a little money and the cost of business is being covered by my sales. I guess, in some circles, I would be considered successful. However, I’m still not doing well enough to quit my day job.

But there’s more:

Another issue that most authors don’t seem to understand is that once you finally get that first book out there, you then must become a marketing guru. You have to communicate with the masses. Create marketing material. Attend book signings. Public speaking. Become a tech genius and much, much more. Time is like my checking account; too much month at the end of the money.

To solve this problem, you have a decision to make…or multiple decisions. I consider each of the issues mentioned above to be areas of resistance. As such, I give all items that need to be done an assigned number. You can list them as priorities if you want, but either way it is up to you to determine where the job lies in your order of importance. Think of it as breathing if you will. I would list breathing as something pretty high on my list of priorities. Without air, the rest of the work becomes mute. So I would put it at the top of the things to do. Eating would be important as well. However, unlike breathing, you can work around the eating issue by shorting the process to free up more time to do the other important items.

Writing…how important is it for you? Are you writing part time? Or spare time? If it’s spare time, you’ll never get done. A part time job, however, is a REAL job that requires being scheduled and must come before the honey-do list, regular meals and even fantasy football. Set it up on your schedule and let nothing stop you from doing your job. It’s hard, I know. But if you truly think it will just happen because you want it to happen, you are just kidding yourself. Make a commitment to the author you see yourself as being and never let anyone stop you. You are worth the effort.

I wish you all the best and much success.

L.C. Wright

L.C. Wright is a mystery/suspense author of the Katt and Mouse Mystery series ( Castle Grey and Long Shot ) and recently introduced the first novel of his suspense, thriller series, Connections – The Devil’s Door.




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