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Between now and October 7th, I am giving you the opportunity to sign-up for a free, autographed copy of Castle Grey – A Katt and Mouse Mystery. I will be giving away three copies from the people that go to the bottom of this page and sign in. This mystery suspense novel is the first of my Katt and Mouse Mystery series and is followed by the newly released Long Shot.

Click here and to read the first couple of chapters or here if you want to read the description and check out what others have to say about Castle Grey. Tell your friends about this fantastic giveaway and encourage them to sign up as well.

Only one try per e-mail address.


L.C. Wright


  1. What little I have read seems to be GREAT!!!

  2. Jill Hundley Eisenberg

    September 22, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    Hi Lannie!

  3. Haven’t been here before, but your pleading for entries cracked me up!

  4. Never turn down a free book, take it first read it then turn it down.

  5. Books are wonderful things, and all the more so if they’re free!

  6. Sounds good. Would love to read and review it.

  7. Live the books what else can I say

  8. Poor Lannie.

  9. Sounds like a really good read.

  10. Cannot wait to read it, thanks for the follow!!

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