Book Review for Monterey Madness – Mr. One Pocket

Book Review for Monterey Madness – Mr. One Pocket

Lannie C. Wright writes a darn fine suspenseful murder mystery on his first introduction to his writing career. The locale in MONTEREY MADNESS is spot on for detail…Monterey, California…I would recognize it anywhere. There are even some wicked twists and turns in the plot. Enough to keep you turning pages. You are going to love this new writer. I highly recommend him.

On suspension for a sassy mouth, the six foot six ‘Hawg’ riding police officer, Adam Shaw is beginning to wonder where he stands with the Monterey Police Department when his best friend and war buddy, bar owner Sam Reynolds, telephones him for help. Sam has been accused of murder. But, what the heck, how does he figure Adam can help him when he’s on suspension? He couldn’t even get into the official files…although he gives it his best bluff.
So, he teams up with his longtime buddy, Manny, and his secretary, Margie, trying to prove his good friend innocent of murdering one of his clientele. But no matter how he tries, things just don’t seem to add up. Plus, people are finding themselves dead, all over the place.
The only person who seems to think he isn’t also guilty of murder is Assistant DA of Monterey, Dakota Walker. What can a suspended detective do when he himself is being suspected of murder? He does what a man has to do…he keeps detecting what he thinks is more than just one dirty cop on the force.

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