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Warriors Rant

It’s not often that I bother to take the time to stand on a soapbox in order to share my views on current events. However, today I make an exception.

I’m a Golden State Warriors fan and have been for close to twenty years. I’ve seen their really bad years. I’ve witnessed their “We believe” years. And I’ve elated their championship year. Now this year I’ve immersed myself in what should be considered one of the greatest shows of basketball supremacy in the history of the NBA. Records are falling almost on a daily basis and a sane person can’t help but be amazed. I think I’m in the majority.

On the other hand, there are the haters. They are the ones who for some reason can’t understand the magnitude of what they are seeing. They are the ones who need to justify something that is explainable. They are the ones who choose to find the negative even if they have to make something up in order to distract from the good that is happening. Let’s take the Warriors / Thunder game that happened recently. During the course of the game, records were either broke or tied on multiple fronts. There was a magnificent comeback, clutch free-throws, overtime and a shot from near half-court that won the game. It was fun and it was great entertainment. And even though the Thunder fans were disappointed by the outcome, I believe, the majority of them had to understand the magnitude of what happened that night.

However, the focus seems to be elsewhere. Before the game, ex or retired players of historic fame claimed that these Warriors were impostors. Oscar Robinson said that Steph Curry was nobody special and the current NBA teams didn’t know how to play defense. And though I could continue with what the naysayers were spouting, I’m sure that most of you have heard it already.

Then, and this is the one I really want to rant about, ABC’a Lisa Salters reported that during halftime, one of the Warriors player was using profanity in the locker room and saying them in a loud voice. OMG, can you believe it? A professional ball player said some bad words behind closed doors and she is was somehow offended? Where did she come from? How in the world can she believe that this is something new? Is she really naive enough to think that this doesn’t happen in EVERY locker room in the world during halftime with the trailing teams? Does she not understand that players, professional and amateur alike, are out there fighting for their lives? Has she never competed?

Also, this phenomenon is not limited to just the players. Can you believe it? Coaches have even used profanity when a competition ensues. But wait…there’s more. Did you know that coaches and players in women’s sports also use profanity when they are angry or frustrated about how something they care about is going awry? That’s right. Women, of the fairer sex, curse when things are going bad. And though I have no concrete proof, I can assure you that someone in Ms. Salters’ life has heard her use the occasional profane word. Was it news worthy? Probably not. I would imagine that nobody cared or maybe the people she said them to didn’t think it would be responsible reporting to tell the world or maybe maybe she simply needed a story big enough to get the haters’ attention so that she would look big in their eyes and it would give the haters something to focus on while they continued to lose when playing the Warriors. In my opinion, it was a blatant attempt to distract from the good that is the Golden State Warriors and nothing else. It certainly wasn’t important enough to report.

Any way you look at it, haters hate. I just hope that when it’s all said and done, people that care about what truly matters can see through what the haters spew and see that the Warriors are miles ahead of the competition.

L.C. Wright is an author of mystery/suspense novels and a fan of the Golden State Warriors.

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Through the Eyes of Death

Connections – The Devil’s Door

Castle Grey – A Katt and Mouse Mystery

Long Shot – A Katt and Mouse Mystery

Writing As An Art

For the last 15 years I have been writing for the pleasure of sharing my thoughts in the form of mystery/suspense novels. During that time, I have learned a thing or two that I hope will help me continue that work for years to come. Now, I want to share these thoughts with other writers that are interested in learning from my mistakes and successes. Soon, I will be putting together a newsletter that will be exclusive to those that are interested in what it takes to be a writer and what is new in the world of L.C. Wright the author.

The newsletter will have insight, news and humor and will come to you directly and exclusively to those who sign up to receive it. There is no cost and will be sent to you around the beginning of each month.

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Doing the Traditional – vs- Self-Publishing Dance

I just recently published my fifth murder book, Through the Eyes of Death. As such, I got to thinking about all of the people out there that are now where I was several years ago when I tried to decide whether I should work with an agent and go the traditional route of getting published or should I self-publish and get my work out there sooner.

From a personal perspective, I wanted to do things the old fashion way. I’m an old fashion kinda guy. Actually, I’m just an old guy and don’t like dealing with computers. Anyway, that’s what I did. I went for the traditional method and got an education not soon to be forgotten.

Here’s the deal. If I had the choice and could get what I wanted out of it, I would more than likely have stayed the course with my agent. I would prefer having people looking out for my best interest, making sure that the editing of my work was done to perfection and gladly given up the lion’s share of the earnings to get published through the traditional method of publishing.

The truth is, at least from my perspective, agents are too busy to focus on me. I’m a great story teller and write great mysteries. I didn’t want to be the person that wrote my books, edited (or paid to have edited) my books, find an artist to do the covers, format my books, publish my books and then after everything else, market my books. I didn’t want that. I just want to write, tell my stories and then move on to the next one.

I worked five years getting an agent and then waiting for my agent to get my books in the hands of the publishers. Five years that I could have been working toward getting more of my stories out to the public.
It was a learning experience that I’m grateful for, but wouldn’t recommend.

There are very few James Patterson’s and Dean Koontz’s in the world. You may be one of them and for that I will say, go for it. For the rest of us, I say, take care of yourself and get busy writing and creating something for the world to see.

L.C. Wright is an author of mystery/suspense/thriller novels. His focus is writing his Katt and Mouse Mystery series and his Connections series. Below is a list of his work.

Through the Eyes of Death

Connections – The Devil’s Door

Castle Grey – A Katt and Mouse Mystery

Long Shot – A Katt and Mouse Mystery

Monterey Madness – Mr. One Pocket

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Sergeant at Arms, Winged Beasts series by Crystal Dawn

Dragon shifter/alien
The males of the planet Draconis lose the planet that supplies their mates to a natural disaster. The females survive, but they have left and spread to the far reaches of the universe. Their eyes turn to Earth. Jarel is sent with five other males to find mates and test the compatibility of Earth females. Their results will determine if their Empire looks to Earth or elsewhere.
Davy is trouble or at least she has trouble following her. It’s not her fault, it’s all because of her ex-boyfriend who is a criminal and has sent killers after her. She meets Jarel who offers to protect her but she’s a little suspicious where men are concerned. Should she trust him, or should she rely only on herself?
FREE everywhere.
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First Time: The Legend of Garison Fitch by Samuel Ben White

“What if history didn’t happen that way … the first time?”

Garison Fitch was a scientist and something of a celebrity in the Soviet Americas in the early 21st century until dropping off the map to pursue his theories in the remote La Plata Canyon. Living in a log home he built himself (which was too close to the Empire of Japan (30 miles to the west) and the Republic of Texas (15 miles to the south), Garison began to experiment with interdimensional travel.

An experiment with such travel surprised him when he landed him in 1744. There he discovered a primitive world of somewhat suspicious people, but a freedom he had never experienced before–which may have been most frightening of all. As he was trying to discover how to return to the future, he met and fell in love with Sarah, a beautiful young woman who is an outcast due to the fact that it was never known who her father was. They married and had three children and he decided to stay in the past and raise his children with the woman he loved.

When he tried to rid himself of his time machine by sending it into the future, however, it took him with it. Now, he finds himself back in the twenty-first century where a woman (Heather) he has never met claims to be his wife and the country he grew up in is gone, replaced by something called “The United States of America”. He quickly realizes that something he did in the past has changed the future but he doesn’t know what until he stumbles across a strange item in Heather’s purse.

Should he live in this new world, or try to travel once more through time and return the world to “normal”? As he becomes convinced he can’t return to Sarah, he’s not really sure if he can live in this new world he created, either.

One man’s travel through time accidentally created the reality we’re used to.




Gristle by Mark Allen and Derric Miller


Book title: Gristle

Book description: Jack Colter let his wife die a brutal death because he was too much of a coward to save her. The tiny mountain town of Vesper Falls knows it, but more importantly, his son Kevin knows it. Haunted by soul-ripping guilt and fiercely despised by his son, Jack turns to the bottle while Kevin turns to crime. But three years behind bars does nothing to dull the hate he feels toward his father.

Desperate to reconnect, Jack takes Kevin on a hunting trip to Scar Lake, arranged by a preacher with his own emotional scars. But there is something wicked in the woods that doesn’t care about emotions—it only cares about death and torment. The hunters become the hunted as small town secrets are dragged from the darkness and Jack finds himself facing an impossible choice as his son’s life hangs in the balance.

Gristle is a brutal, bloody, briskly-paced novel of redemption, sacrifice, and backwoods horror in the classic tradition of The Hills Have Eyes and Wrong Turn.

Link to book: http://www.amazon.com/Gristle-Mark-Allen-ebook/dp/B00XFTTK8G

Twitter handles for co-writers:

Why?: Finding the Truth in a Confusing World by William D. Koch

Moving through our human lives begs for answers to the hard questions. What does life mean? Why am I here? Why is there pain? What is this inner angst? Is there a God? Why did God create me? How can I find what’s real?

This book delves into our human core, digging into the deeper elements of our nature, tearing through pretense, personality and ego. The search for life’s meaning and purpose requires perseverance and insight. We must go beyond the turmoil; we have to go deeper through the pain; we have to understand the purpose of misery in order to embrace our divine destiny.

Find out who you are and what you can become. Discover that wonderful treasure buried in the essence of your character. Turn around and discover your eternal mission. Align yourself with your real identity.




Monty & His Amazing Adventures by Debbie Spenser

Monty is a handsome grey and white cat, who lives near the sea with his brother and sister, Freddie and Claudia. Between them, they enjoy sleeping, eating, and having adventures – in that order! Join Monty and his siblings on two exciting adventures, be it getting lost in unfamiliar gardens, or a trip to the beach, and read all about their fun, games and the new friends that they make.

This is a children’s book that you should give a try.


The Hybrid by Venus Morales

Ari is the hybrid daughter of a god, not to just any god, but to the almighty god of war, Ares. She is the one and only of her kind, half goddess and half phoenacian(phoenix & vampire). Ares raised his daughter in secrecy until her 18th birthday, when he is forced to return to Olympus and Ari choses not follow after her father and decides to venture out into the mortal realm.

The Hybrid can be found at the following locations.


To meet the author and discover more about her novel, go to http://authorvenusmorales.wix.com/authorvenusmorales or follow her on Twitter at @venusmorales6


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