Counting Days

  This is the hard part. To be more accurate, this is the most difficult of all the hard parts of the journey called “getting published.”

It’s the time where you know that you’re good enough, but unsure if you are lucky enough to get the publisher to make a commitment. It’s that time when you’ve bled ink and sweat from the fears of uncertainty. It’s the void that leaves you wondering if you really are that good or blowing smoke up your own skirt.

I call it Counting Days.

The editing is done. I’ve gone over it a dozen times. My editor has finished it. My agent’s editor has finished it. The Agent has finished and has now forwarded it to the publishers. So now what the heck do I do? I’ve never been one to put my future in the hands of others without doing everything in my power to make a positive influence. The problem is, I don’t know any publishers and I don’t know how to make a difference that will matter. Have any of you had that problem? I would think so. So hopefully you can relate.

The thing is, I actually know the answer. So do you. The answer is nothing. Wait. That’s not true. The complete answer is that I can’t do anything about the one that’s sent. I have to trust that the agent actually knows what she’s doing and her abilities are good enough to help me succeed. And I do. She doesn’t make a dime off me until I succeed so she certainly has motivation to work the job. So what I have to do now and what you need to do as well is start over or keep working at the other projects you have going and get them ready for the next opportunity to arise.

This message isn’t designed to be positive or negative for that matter. It’s simply an affirmation of the things you already know. Keep doing what you are doing. It works.

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