Divine Connection

I was driving North on the Harbor Freeway, in Los Angeles one early evening, on a Friday. That’s when I saw a truck to the right of me, start to come into my lane. He didn’t seem to be looking where he was going. And where he was going was right at me. I prayed: “White Lights, White Lights, White Lights” and my little car, seemingly with a mind of its own, pulled over to the left where fortunately, there was no car.

A Divine Connection had saved me. I pulled off the freeway and headed to a little restaurant downtown with sawdust on the floor and pictures of circus folk on the walls. I placed an order, of what I don’t remember, and sat in a corner booth. In my own way I was in shock. My life and my little Mazda 323 Hatchback had been spared. I was so grateful and promised myself never to take the Harbor Freeway at night again.

There is a divinity about us. And it’s there whether we recognize it or not. I thought I would share one of those times with you. Has anything similar happened to you? How did make you feel? . Would you share it with us?

Robert Feller
Robert Feller is an author of poetry, short stories and memoirs. To get a better glimpse of his work, go to Amazon and check him out. His most recent work, Sounds of Safety and Love – A River, are just a click away.

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