The Wrecker – Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler looks to the past–1907–to bring you his action packed novel, The Wrecker.

In a year of financial panic and labor unrest, a series of train wrecks, fires and explosions sabotage the SouthernPacific Railroad’s Cascades express line. Desparate, the railroad hires the fabled Van Dorn Detective Agency to get the results the railroad’s army of protection officers were unable to solve.

Enter–Agent Isaac Bell–the best that Van Dorn has to offer.

From a personal perspective, I like how Cussler gets into the past and brings his novels to life from both a relevant as well as historical perspective. He gets the details right. And after reading his books, you question whether they are novels or historical depictions of fact.

As an author, I have learned a lot about writing as a result of reading his work.

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