Warriors Rant

It’s not often that I bother to take the time to stand on a soapbox in order to share my views on current events. However, today I make an exception.

I’m a Golden State Warriors fan and have been for close to twenty years. I’ve seen their really bad years. I’ve witnessed their “We believe” years. And I’ve elated their championship year. Now this year I’ve immersed myself in what should be considered one of the greatest shows of basketball supremacy in the history of the NBA. Records are falling almost on a daily basis and a sane person can’t help but be amazed. I think I’m in the majority.

On the other hand, there are the haters. They are the ones who for some reason can’t understand the magnitude of what they are seeing. They are the ones who need to justify something that is explainable. They are the ones who choose to find the negative even if they have to make something up in order to distract from the good that is happening. Let’s take the Warriors / Thunder game that happened recently. During the course of the game, records were either broke or tied on multiple fronts. There was a magnificent comeback, clutch free-throws, overtime and a shot from near half-court that won the game. It was fun and it was great entertainment. And even though the Thunder fans were disappointed by the outcome, I believe, the majority of them had to understand the magnitude of what happened that night.

However, the focus seems to be elsewhere. Before the game, ex or retired players of historic fame claimed that these Warriors were impostors. Oscar Robinson said that Steph Curry was nobody special and the current NBA teams didn’t know how to play defense. And though I could continue with what the naysayers were spouting, I’m sure that most of you have heard it already.

Then, and this is the one I really want to rant about, ABC’a Lisa Salters reported that during halftime, one of the Warriors player was using profanity in the locker room and saying them in a loud voice. OMG, can you believe it? A professional ball player said some bad words behind closed doors and she is was somehow offended? Where did she come from? How in the world can she believe that this is something new? Is she really naive enough to think that this doesn’t happen in EVERY locker room in the world during halftime with the trailing teams? Does she not understand that players, professional and amateur alike, are out there fighting for their lives? Has she never competed?

Also, this phenomenon is not limited to just the players. Can you believe it? Coaches have even used profanity when a competition ensues. But wait…there’s more. Did you know that coaches and players in women’s sports also use profanity when they are angry or frustrated about how something they care about is going awry? That’s right. Women, of the fairer sex, curse when things are going bad. And though I have no concrete proof, I can assure you that someone in Ms. Salters’ life has heard her use the occasional profane word. Was it news worthy? Probably not. I would imagine that nobody cared or maybe the people she said them to didn’t think it would be responsible reporting to tell the world or maybe maybe she simply needed a story big enough to get the haters’ attention so that she would look big in their eyes and it would give the haters something to focus on while they continued to lose when playing the Warriors. In my opinion, it was a blatant attempt to distract from the good that is the Golden State Warriors and nothing else. It certainly wasn’t important enough to report.

Any way you look at it, haters hate. I just hope that when it’s all said and done, people that care about what truly matters can see through what the haters spew and see that the Warriors are miles ahead of the competition.

L.C. Wright is an author of mystery/suspense novels and a fan of the Golden State Warriors.

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